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Recon soldiers act as the marksmen of the game and are experts in long-distance shooting; their knowledge of the terrain and their use of camouflage help them approach the enemy without being noticed, facilitating the location of enemy forces.

Kar98k for recon with 8x scope. Badge: Slot 1 – Camouflaged. Slot 2 – Ghillie or Pointer Quick Fire. Handguns. Handguns are rarely used in Heroes and Generals, but playing only with handguns are fun. Player with flair and experience can make these tiny loadout very deadly. Available classes | Development - Heroes & Generals Game ... Available classes | Development Heroes & Generals Guide. 0. Post Comment. 0. 0. ... it's the only class with the access to Sniper Rifles. Recon is a class perfectly suited for combat over immense distances, and it's also the living nightmare for every enemy infantryman. Recons have access to a 6-point pool of equipment points, and as the only ... Heroes And Generals Paratrooper Equipment Slots - Marriott ... Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News, and. Heroes Generals is a browser.burgleberry, ww2, fps, 1 slot paratrooper, paratroooper, gtx 960, gaming, heroes and generals, funny moments, montage, funny, world war 2, epic, glitches, gl..The only downside is infantry cannot put custom parts on the rifle because you can hold so much.

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Heroes & Generals Hacks, Cheats and Aimbots. Conning in Heroes and Generals is basically to utilize any sort of tool or strategy that isn’t a piece of the official game, it’s standards and toolkit so as to get more credits, gold and levels quicker than it would be conceivable inside the previously mentioned imprisonments.

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A recon soldier has 7 "equipment points" letting you use a Scoped rifle and a pistol or grenades and most mines Recon Vehicles - Reto Reference Regiment - Heroes & Generals Another road map Im plotting out at the moment is for Recon Vehicles. Here is the second early draft. The first draft was just three tiers, but trying to fit in the popular demand for a Puma, Im trying to expand it to four (with the … RuskisLikeBruskis - Heroes & Generals Silent Centurions | 175 members and growing Junell - Heroes & Generals And then the April update one of the first days in June?