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Jul 18, 2017 ... Donk-betting (aka donking or donk-leading) on the flop meant surrendering the ... If we assume the big blind does not have a donk-bet range, ...

Poker Donkey – How to beat a Donk In Poker the term Donkey or Donk has become the modern poker term for fish. A Donk is a poker player who will play with the worse cards and then somehow manage to have you beat by the the river. What does poker mean? definition, meaning and pronunciation ... Dictionary entry overview: What does poker mean? • POKER (noun) The noun POKER has 2 senses:. 1. fire iron consisting of a metal rod with a handle; used to stir a fire 2. any of various card games in which players bet that they hold the highest-ranking hand

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The Donk Bet in Online Poker. Donk bet? The donk bet stands for "donkey" bet, where the term donkey designates the worse poker players. Like anything else in poker, it can be a very good move or a very bad one. It depends on who is doing it and at what limits you are playing. What does donkey mean? donkey Definition. Meaning of

The problem is, there are many terms that simple don't interest those who are simply wondering about poker slang and how they can learn as much as they can as quickly as possible. For instance, terms like iMEGA and Doyle Brunson are not considered to be poker slang -- but they both have their own pages on Poker Terms.

Mar 2, 2017 ... Author Steve Selbrede continues his "Donkey Poker" series with a look ... This means that he plays the same range from the cutoff as he does ... Donkey | Poker Terms | PokerNews A derogatory term used to refer to a weak, unskilled player. Abbreviated “donk.”

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A 'poker donkey' (for anyone who doesn't know) is, essentially, someone who is a very poor poker player - and the best way to handle a 'donkey' is simply to play good poker and take their money off them (whether they're playing Texas Hold'em or any other poker game). Weak-Tight: Every Aggro's Dream, Every Donkey’s Nightmare Kevin: When you run into aces and suck out, people get mad at you, and you look like a bit of a donkey to some people. I get called a luck sack all the time. I shove my chips in behind a lot if I think I have enough fold equity to make it a profitable play. I look like a donkey when I get called. What do these poker terms mean? - Quora The symbols are not quite universal, but all the ones you show have clear meanings. The numbers and letters indicate the type of hand and the + and - signs can have different meanings depending on context. * 22+ means any pocket pair. What Does the Term Donkey Mean in Poker? - ThoughtCo The donkey has long been a symbol of stubbornness and ignorance or limited intelligence. In the world of poker, these traits can easily play out at the poker table. Typical plays that can attract the label as donkey moves are calling every hand, continuing to call while holding poor cards, and going all-in on a poor hand.